How To Feel Good In Your Hair

Many of us live like we’re avatars. We put a lot of emphasis on our outer appearance, and who can blame us when we are constantly judged by our looks and already put into categories of yay or nay?

With all this talk about embracing your inner being and loving yourself, it can be hard to put yourself into that mindset. How does one love themselves when the world has other ideas for how we should look and dress? How do we become confident in ourselves and show others who we truly are? Let’s take small steps in loving ourselves, shall we?

Your confidence starts with your hair.

We’re all born with different hair types but with viral beauty trends and “celebrity-inspired hairstyles”, we’ve grown to dislike our hair and desperately wish for someone else’s. Isn’t that weird? Wanting something else from someone else’s body? Shouldn’t the beauty industry encourage us to celebrate our individuality? But that’s a discussion for another day. Let’s focus on you.

Deep down, you know who you are. But does that come across on the outside? Styling your hair is the perfect and most simplest expression of your personality. It’s a statement that this is who I am and I don’t care what others think. Whether you feel your hair is too damaged to style anymore or don’t have the confidence to style it, there’s no better time to change up your game and give your hair a healthy, good-looking boost.

Why wait for the right moment to be yourself when you can start looking and feeling like the real you?

Achieve Your Healthy Hair Goals

Tired of having straw-like, damaged hair after constant styling or dyeing? Don’t worry, there are many ways to make your hair feel nourished and smooth again. First, go color-free to save your hair further damage. Sometimes keeping it simple is best. You’ll find yourself loving your natural look. Invest in hair care products that will rejuvenate and condition your hair (we got you covered with our shop!).

The more care you take of your hair, the more healthier it will look and feel. Should you wish to dye your hair again, always get it done by a professional. They will take good care of your hair.

Own Your Hairstyle

It can be intimidating to add color or adopt a new hairstyle. Maybe you’re worried you will be judged for your choices. Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t like to be the center of attention (it’s okay to be an introvert!). But there comes a time when you feel different. When you look in the mirror and want to look different. Even if you’re not ready to fully come out of your shell, changing up your hair can do wonders to your self-esteem.

Whether you want to go bold with your hair color or style, have fun with it! Explore what makes you pop. Not sure what would suit you? Why not create a mood board filled with wonderful images of colors and styles you want to try? The more you discover, the more you’ll see a clear pattern of what you like or dislike.

While there are box dyes you can use (always opt for ammonia-free ones), it’s always best to leave it to a professional for a long-lasting color and shiny appearance of the hair. They’ll know what formula is best to use on your hair.

Give Your Hair Some TLC

We dedicate so much time to our skin and body care routines, so why not do the same for our hair? Now, we’re not saying you should clog your hair follicles with too many products or chemicals, but instead, why not treat yourself to using hair masks or deep conditioning treatments?

Taking a hair care day off from your busy lifestyle is perfect not only for your hair health but for your mental health. There’s nothing quite relaxing than putting on some music, binge-watching a show or reading while treating your hair to some deserved love and attention.

When you’re not cleansing your hair, try letting it down too. Too much styling or pulling your hair up into tight ponytails or buns can put strain on the nerves under your hair follicles, causing you to experience headaches and discomfort. As an alternative, why not opt in for a scrunchie instead of a hair tie?

Want to achieve extra protection for your hair? Get yourself a hair bonnet or sleep on a silky pillowcase. This will prevent your hair from getting too frizzy and tangled to deal with when you need to rush in the morning.

How long have you had your hairbrush for? If you can’t remember, time to get a new hairbrush. Remember that different hairbrushes are ideal for different hair types, so make sure to get the right one for you. Invest in detangling or salon-quality hairbrushes, which are designed to stimulate your scalp, prevent breakage and cleanse your roots.

Whether you’re keen to try out a new hairstyle for a new you or want to restore or fix your damaged hair, always remember to keep celebrating your individuality. Once you gain a dose of confidence from your hair, keep going and explore the inner you on your journey.

By Shen is always here for your hair care needs, whether to style or restore. To learn more about maintaining your hair, book a consultation with us today!